Catholic life of the school

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The strongest element of our school, and from which all other strengths are developed, is our shared faith and purpose. It is not something we merely learn about; it is a pervasive and natural ethos that structures our days and supports our efforts to be, as our motto has it, 'Everything we can be, with Christ in our hearts.'  

Faith and worship is central to St John Vianney – we are an important part of the Church’s mission and we strive to ensure that our pupils and families are able to enjoy school life within the values exemplified by the Gospels. Pupils are encouraged to take pride in their school and to participate in its day to day running and in decisions around its future direction.

Children take an active role in ensuring that worship, prayer and spirituality are woven into day-to-day life here at St. John Vianney.

Chaplaincy team


This year, we are pleased to launch the St. John Vianney Chaplaincy Team – a group of enthusiastic pupils who have committed to help the whole school community to deepen their understanding and faith in Christ.

The Chaplaincy Team Pledge:

  • To support and uphold our school Mission Statement.
  • To preserve and promote the Catholic character of our school.
  • To look beyond our school and to create relationships with the wider community.
  • To develop and support the liturgical and spiritual life of the school.
  • To organise a children’s prayer and reflection meetings and groups.
  • To promote Saints’ Days.
  • To develop and manage fundraising activities, and to select beneficiary charities
  • To encourage pupils to show their Catholic values in day to day life.

Following Jesus the teacher


Focus on community

This half term, we are focusing on the Catholic Social Teaching theme of 'Community' - we are here to serve others. Matthew's gospel account of how Jesus started the first Christian Community was the perfect place to start.

Helping the homeless


spirituality in art

 We asked the children to reflect on God's love - where can they see evidence, in their every day lives, of the wonders of His creation? Beautiful.



school choir stars in secondary school production

Christmas displays are up!
year 4 sing at cathedral house

Other faiths - judaism 

October - the month of the rosary 


Promoting world peace

Malawi red nose day!

The children of SJV burst into colour this Friday as they marked Comic Relief 2017 with a splash of vibrant red! They looked fantastic in assembly, all gathered together like a beautiful poppy field! As well as having fun and looking cool, we also raised money to support our twin school in Chinziri, Malawi.

It is lovely for the children to actually see where their money is going to and we look forward to presenting Fr. Henry with the fruits of our efforts in the Autumn. A big ‘well done’ to our Year 5 Poets, Christian, Alana, Stephanie, Ola, Cristiano and Kyro for some outstanding Red Nose poetry!

Helping hand for cancer charity 


raising awareness for homelessness

We were pleased to welcome Lorraine from the charity ‘The Passage’, which is dedicated to helping those that are homeless. She spoke to the whole school about how fortunate we are to enjoy the comfort of home, food and safety, and asked that we consider those that don’t have these essentials in their lives.

We have been discussing our Catholic Social Values recently, and two came to mind as we listened:
• The Dignity of the Human Person (which Pope Francis explores below) and
• Helping the Poor and Vulnerable, which is central to Jesus’ message in the gospel of Matthew

It was good to hear how Lorraine and her colleagues are living these values in their work, and we plan to support them as best we can.


The SJV community today joined Class 4 and Reception in one of the most heart-warming ceremonies in the school calendar. Having been welcomed by their Class 4 buddies back in Autumn, Reception Class were reaffirmed as valued members of our school community as they were awarded the Miraculous Medal, in this  very special month dedicated to Mary, mother of Christ. From the beautiful singing of ‘Let It Be’ to Angelina’s barely-contained excitement in receiving her medal (we look forward to her Oscar acceptance speech in the future), it was clear that this meant so much to all concerned.

We are so very proud of our Reception class; they have settled into our school so well and have added their own special piece to the SJV jigsaw.

And, as for class 4….well, who could wish for better Buddies? Kind hearted, helpful and protective, they enjoy and revel in the responsibility given to them, and it’s a lovely thing to see.

A special mention to Lucas: his Buddy’s mother informed me that he has taken his promise SO seriously, that he takes the time, daily, to say hello, give advice and to just be a great friend to his Reception buddy. Well done Lucas – you encapsulate the spirit of this beautiful occasion.

all equal in god's eyes - anti bullying 2017



Year 4 at westminster

Now a fixture for our Year 4 classes, the Westminster Choir outreach programme  has sprung into life again. Our boys and girls took the now-familiar trip to the Cathedral and enjoyed a practice day. They sang beautifully I’m told, and they even had time for a trip to the park AND Buckingham Palace too! A great day out.

harvest collection and liturgy

Other faiths - islam

Class 4 Focus on Islam

Our Religious Education curriculum’s encourages us to look around our community and to consider, reflect upon and understand other cultures and religions. In that spirit, Class 4 visited Wightman Road Mosque this week to consider the similarities and differences between the way in which Muslims follow their faith and the way in which we follow ours. The children really enjoyed the trip and were full of information, facts and ideas upon their return, and we’d like to thank the Imam for making us welcome and sharing his place of worship with us.

lest we forget...

be spirited - the SJV Spirituality week

The pupils of SJV recently spent time reflecting on their own individual spirituality, thinking about their relationship with their faith, the world around them and the things that they beleive.

Our Year 6s led the week brilliantly, patiently helping the younger children to find the space and time to pray, ask questions and to explore their feelings.

"Do for others what you want them to do for you..."

The Gospel of Luke was the driver for our work on Anti-Bullying this week. The theme was 'Power For Good', and we encouraged the children to think with empathy about the victims of bullying. We asked them used that empathy to be a Power for Good in our school, to make sure that this gospel value is lived to the full.

The results were amazingly moving. Let's stamp out bullying together.


The whole school was awash with red and white in April as the pupils and staff celebrated St. George's Day.

Malawi sister school appeal

Fr. Henry pays a visit to discuss the latest works from our friends in Malawi.

Easter liturgy and performance: RESURRECTION ROCK!

On Wednesday this week, the cast and crew of Resurrection Rock, SJV’s Easter Liturgy this year, wowed the audience with an uplifting and moving performance. All present were treated to some outstanding performances – brilliant acting, narration and singing from the choir and the ‘angry crowd’ (the audience). Well done to all for preparing us so well for the great feast of Easter. Special mention to Ms. Griffin for single-handedly pulling the whole production together!

Have a look at the 'highlights' film and the picture gallery below.


This year’s Nativity performance was held recently to two packed full houses. The children have been busy rehearsing over the last few weeks, and slowly something special began to emerge. Brilliant acting, dancing and singing combined to make a moving, fun and festive celebration. I am sure that you are as proud of your children as I am!

The performance this year was very special and it was fantastic to see so many parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and friends over the two performances,  supporting our talented children! A special 'thank you' to Ms. Griffin - we are fortunate to have a member of staff so talented, patient and generous with her time to guide the children in reaching their considerable best. Thanks, also to Mr. Mr. Rutkiewicz, who kindly gave permission to use some of his fantastic photos of the occasion. 


The combined forces, and voices, of St. John Vianney, St. Mary's Priory, North Harringay Juniors, West Green Primary and Chestnuts Primary gave a brilliant community concert, live and outdoors in Chestnuts Park, to really warm the hearts and to kick start the Christmas Season. There are very few sounds on earth better than a couple of hundred children singing Silent Night. Thank you to all who participated; pupils, parents and teachers - what a joyous occasion!


Westminster lent concernt

Class 4 Westminster Cathedral Choir Concert
As the culmination of Class 4’s work with Westminster Cathedral, they visited Cathedral Hall last week to perform in front of an audience of their peers.
Ms. Ali and Ms. Griffin were full of praise for their behaviour, effort and, of course, their singing! Special mention to Jaymes for his solo – what courage and skill! Special mention, too, to Hari the Bear. Hari is encouraging our children to walk and exercise, and he reportedly enjoyed the day out (he was very well looked after, as you can see).


On Thursday this week, our Year 6 Class began their series of ‘goodbyes’ to St. John Vianney and Primary Education! We gathered together at St. Paul’s in Wood Green, along with other local Catholic and Church of England schools, to celebrate the passing of another fantastic group of Year 6s from this school (this is my first: are they ALWAYS this good? This sensible? This polite? This hard working? I hope so…).

The ‘Peacefully Forward’ service was a beautiful way of giving thanks for our time together and to look forward to the future—they are ready for it, I can assure you.

But…we didn’t just turn up and to make up numbers! Our  boys and girls took centre stage and kicked the service off with in rousing style with their superlative rendition of ‘Our Time’ (my favourite ‘show tune’ - yes I have a favourite show tune!). Mrs. Griffin’s arrangement, enthusiasm and good old fashioned talent, coupled with our children’s angelic voices, made for a rousing and emotional moment— “It’s Our Time, breathe it in, worlds to change and worlds to win, our turn coming through, you and me, yes, me and you.”