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Class 1 Superhero Assembly

19 May 2017 (by admin)

Superheroes Assemble

As I said when I introduced it, there was a bit of a ‘buzz’ about this assembly – staff were cancelling meetings to make sure that they were present. Ms Alfonso and Ms Cassidy were sneaking peaks throughout. And why not? This was a brilliant show from our very own Class 1 Superheroes; a show that had everything: impeccably learned lines, the coolest soundtrack ever, brilliant costumes, confident delivery, humour and…a quite heart-meltingly lovely central message. As Class 1 taught us today, you don’t have to put your pants on over your trousers to be a Superhero – just reach out to someone, show them kindness, help them. There were a number wobbly bottom lips towards the end, mine included!