Class 1

Welcome to Class 1 with

Ms. Collins, Ms. Rodrigues and Ms Burke

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Reading, Writing and Maths in Year 1:


Punctuation & Grammar:


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Curriculum for Autumn 2022

Autumn 1

RE: God's Great Plan

Reading: Guided reading

Writing: Fiction: Seren’s seasons - Retelling; Room on a Broom retelling; Ten Little Lights retelling

Non-Fiction: Sentence structure/ how to write a sentence (focus on trees around the school)

Maths: Place Value (to 10); Calculation (Addition, Subtraction); Geometry (Position)

Relationships and Health:

  • Relationships & Health: Staying Safe During Remote Learning / Pastoral Mentor Role / Establish 'Worry Box' 

PSHE (Inc. Online Safety):

Online Safety - Using the Internet Safely

Citizenship, Economic & Mental Wellbeing:

  • British Values - Intro
  • Rules
  • Pupil Mentor Role
  • Feeling Safe (book: The Invisible String)
  • Speak Out Stay Safe (NSPCC)
  • Democratic Decisions
  • School Council Elections

History: Geogrpahy Focus

Geography: Cornerstones topic: Splendid Skies. Identify seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK. Locate and name the 7 continents. Locate hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and North and South Poles.

Science: Seasonal Changes (and throughout the year)

Computing: Computing systems and networks – Technology around us

Art & Design: Collage: Using different media

Design& Tech: Art focus

French: KS2 Only

Music: Moving to the beat.

PE: Dance Unit 2 March, march, march

Autumn 2

Term: Autumn 2

RE: Mary , Our Mother

Reading: Guided reading

Writing: Fiction: The Zoo Vet Sequencing story events, characters; The Owl Babies (captions); The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Book Review)

Non-Fiction: Letter Writing

Maths: Calculations: Addition and Subtraction; Geometry – Position

and Direction: Positions; Number and Place Value:

Numbers to 20; Calculations: Addition and

Subtraction within 20

Relationships and Health:

  • RHE: KS1, Module 1, Unit 1 and 2: We are unique with individual talents and skills; similarities and differences between boys and girls; how to take care of our bodies.

 PSHE (Inc. Online Safety):

Online Safety - Online Emotions

Citizenship, Economic & Mental Wellbeing:

  • Rules Beyond School
  • Similar, Yet Different
  • Anti-bullying
  • Working Together (book: The Juice Box Bully - Anti-Bullying)
  • Similar, Yet Different - My Local
  • Belonging
  • I Belong (book: Strellaluna)

History: Geogrpahy Focus

Geography: Cornerstones topic: Paws, Claws and Whiskers. Use simple compass directions (NSEW). Devise simple maps and complete a key with symbols. Use simple fieldwork skills to study the geography of the school and its grounds and draw aerial plans. Use aerial photographs to recognise landmarks.

Science: Animals including Humans - Animals

Computing: Creating media – Digital painting

Art & Design: D&T Focus

Design& Tech: Mechanisms: Moving pictures

French: KS2 Only

Music: Associate higher and lower with pitch.

PE: Gymnastics