Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 Ms Swan, Mrs Dewar and Ms. Adler

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Reading, Writing and Maths in Year 2:


Punctuation & Grammar:



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Curriculum for Autumn 2022

Autumn 1

RE: Chosen People

Reading: Guided reading sessions and cracking comprehension

Writing: Non-Fiction: Recount – Different activities in the playground; Biographies; Fiction: Frog Prince Retelling

Maths: Number and Place Value: Numbers to 100; Calculations: Addition and Subtraction; Calculations: Multiplication

of 2, 5 and 10

Relationships and Health:

  • RHE: Assembly 1 - Staying Safe During Remote Learning / Assembly 2 - Pastoral Mentor Role / Establish Worry Box system in class

PSHE (Inc. Online Safety):

Online Safety - What Happens When I Post Online

Citizenship, Economic & Mental Wellbeing:

  • British Values - Intro
  • Rules
  • Pupil Mentor Role
  • Feeling Safe (book: The Invisible String)
  • Speak Out Stay Safe (NSPCC)
  • Democratic Decisions
  • School Council Elections

History: Lives of Significant Individuals / Significant Historical Events (Black history: Introduction to the Windrush generation and the Bristol Bus Boycott)

Geography: History Focus

Science: Living Things and their Habitats

Computing: Computing systems and networks – IT around us

Art & Design: Drawing: Tell a story

Design& Tech: Art focus

French: KS2 Only

Music: Reliably perform using thinking voice when indicated.

PE: Throwing and catching


Autumn 2

RE: The Mystery of God

Reading: Guided reading sessions and cracking comprehension

Writing: Non-Fiction: Instructional text – Revolting recipes; Fiction: Based on George's Marvellous Medicine

Maths: Calculations: Multiplication and Division of 2, 5 and 10; Measurement: Length, Mass, Temperature

Relationships and Health:

  • RHE: KS1, Module 1, Unit 1 and 2: We are unique with individual talents and skills; similarities and differences between boys and girls; how to take care of our bodies.

PSHE (Inc. Online Safety):

Online Safety - How do I keep my things safe online?

Citizenship, Economic & Mental Wellbeing:

  • Rules Beyond School
  • Similar, Yet Different
  • Anti-bullying
  • Working Together (book: The Juice Box Bully - Anti-Bullying)
  • Similar, Yet Different - My Local
  • Belonging
  • I Belong (book: Strellaluna

History: Geography focus

Geography: Human features ; Capitals cities and characteristics of the four countries of  the UK

Science: Plants (bulbs)

Computing: Creating media – Digital photography

Art & Design: D&T Focus

Design& Tech: Food: Preparing fruit and vegetables to make a smoothie

French: KS2 Only

Music: Separation of rhythm and pusle.

PE: Gymnastics