Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 Ms Swan, Mrs Tully and Mrs Dewar!
Important information

This beautiful rainbow appeared yesterday, just minutes before we clapped for our hardworking NHS staff and key workers.  Isn't that amazing?

Friday 1st May 2020

Maidin mhaith Class 2,

Today is the first day of a brand-new month – May!  HOORAY! 


Literacy:  Find out what an allotment is.  Then invent a magical plant. Click for lesson.

Maths: Learn how to identify 2D shapes on the surfaces of 3D shapes. Remember to do the short quiz at the beginning and the end of the lesson. 

Science Learn about different materials and their properties

Get moving. Join Jaime on an Alice in Wonderland yoga adventure

Don’t forget to do one of your Keeping in touch Challenges today.  I wonder which one you will do…  If you didn’t get a chance to listen to yesterday’s story, please listen now. Please carry on with these challenges over the week.


From now on, I will be posting all daily tasks on our new learning platform - Showbie. 

On Monday morning, I will be saying hello in a video message on Showbie instead of on the school website.  Also join me for a class discussion at 11am (on Showbie) where we will get a chance to speak to each other about what we have been doing at home. If you can't join me this Monday, don't worry, there will be other opportunities for us to talk this week.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR SHOWBIE THIS WEEKEND! (Information about how to do this below).

Have a great weekend my lovelies.  I can't wait to hear from you on Monday!!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Lots of love,

Ms Swan



I have missed you all so much over the last few weeks while we've all been safe at home. 

 Luckily, Mr McNicholas has made us an online version of SJV! We now are going to have our very own 'virtual classroom' where we can talk to each other and I can see all the fantastic work you are doing at home.  


Sign up to our Class 2 virtual classroom on Showbie today!

Class 2 code : ZYYU3

Please read the letter below for more information about signing up and how it will work.

Thursday 30th April 2020

Bom dia beautiful children,

Did you have any dreams last night? Can you remember them? If you can, what were they about? Sometimes we remember our dreams really well and other times we forget them as soon as we wake up.  


Literacy: Listen to the story My Two Grannies’ by Floella Benjamin (see video above). Alvina has two grannies who she loves with all her heart.  Grannie Vero is from the Caribbean island of Trinidad.  Grannie Rose is from the north of England. When Alvina’s parents go on holiday, both the grannies move in to Alvina’s house to look after her.  Alvina and her grannies really get to know each other... 


Some of you might be finding it hard not to see all of your family. Some of you might even have family or friends that live far away.  It’s normal to feel like that. That’s why it is important to keep in touch.

Take part in the Keeping in Touch Challenge! Here are five challenges that you can do (over the next week) to keep in touch with someone in your family or someone who you aren’t able to see all the time at the moment.  This could be a grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or even a mum or dad!  

Start with Literacy Challenge 1: Interview someone about their world of work (and more).   Alvina found out lots about her Grannies by asking them questions... For your interview, try and think of your own questions to ask them about when they were younger. You might find that they lived very differently to how you live now. 


Maths: Following on from yesterday, learn how to name and describe 3D shapes. Remember to do the short quiz at the beginning and the end of the lesson. 

Art: Find an object in your house and draw a picture of it.  It can be of anything you want - piece of fruit, a toy, a flower or even a mug!  All you will need is an object to draw, a piece of paper, a pencil and a little bit of confidence (which I know you all have).  You could add colour to your picture if you want to.


I miss you all very much. 

Speak to you tomorrow,

Ms Swan

Gracie got a little bit wet on our walk yesterday... 

Would any of you like to draw a picture of her?

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Mbote Class 2,

The air feels a bit cooler now that it has rained.  Did you notice that too? Have you noticed any other changes because of the rain?  Yesterday, Grace the dog enjoyed splashing around in muddy puddles and drinking water from a little stream in the woods.  She loves it when it rains.


Literacy: Learn about the different features of a character description with Miss Emms. 

Maths: Carrying on from yesterday, find lines of symmetry within 2D shapes. Remember to do the short quiz at the beginning and the end of the lesson.  

History: Learn about two very important nurses in the last two hundred years. 

Create a fact-file about one of these incredible women. Include facts about who they were, what they did and why they are still remembered today.  You could also draw a picture of them.

I am sure lots of you have drawn beautiful rainbows for your windows to say thank you to all the NHS staff and key workers.  Right now, our doctors and nurses are doing an amazing job at looking after patients in hospital and helping them to get better.  They are just like Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale!

    Think to yourself – how can I be more like Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale


Speak to you tomorrow,

Ms Swan


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Bonjour Class 2,

Today is going to be a very rainy day.  But that’s OK!  Rain is very important as it helps the plants around us to grow.  Their roots absorb the moisture from the soil which they turn into a special plant food. Thanks to the lovely rain, all the plants will be taller, greener and even more beautiful than before.


Literacy: Miss Emms is excited to read pages 9-15 of the ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman with you.  Get your magnifying glasses out reading detectives because you are going to be looking for clues again today! Click here for lesson.  

Maths: Today you will be learning what a right angle is and how to find it in different shapes.  Remember to do the short quiz at the beginning and the end of the lesson. Click here for lesson. 

Science: Click here to watch a short video about ponds - they are a habitat where different plants and animals live.  Click here to read the storyIn the Small, Small Pond’ by Denise Fleming and the information book ’Life in a Pond’.   If that link doesn’t work, click here.

Play a game. Act out different pond animals that you learned about today. Can your family guess which animal you are?

Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

Ms Swan

Monday 27th April 2020

Magandang umaga Class 2,

It’s Monday! And you know what that means? It’s the beginning of a new home school week.  I am so excited that we are going to do even more fantastic learning this week.  Are your brains ready? LET’S GO!


Literacy: Miss Emms is going to carry on reading 'The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ to you this week.  You are going to be little Reading Detectives and look for clues in the story. Get your magnifying glasses ready! Click here for lesson. 

Maths: Today you will be learning all about shapes and their properties. Click here for lesson.

Get creative. It's Spring and you might have noticed lots of little worker bees buzzing around, collecting nectar to turn into honey.  Did you know that bears LOVE to eat honey? 

Learn step-by-step how to draw a bear dipping his paw into a pot of delicious honey! (see YouTube link below). 

Move your bodies to BBC Super Movers song all about grammar. Click here to dance with Braydon and Moonbeam. 


I miss you all very much and I think of you every day.

Lots of love,

Ms Swan

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for all of your support and I hope you all have had a lovely Easter!

It must be challenging at times to get the children to learn from home so please don’t worry if you feel you are unable to do all of the daily tasks I set.

I am uploading these tasks to provide a daily structure but you know your children better than anyone so, of course, do what works best for you and your family. The most important thing is that they are happy and healthy!

Take care and stay safe,

Ms Swan

Friday 24th April 2020

Mirëmëngjes Class 2,

Word of the day: peckish – quite hungry.   

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining and all the nature around us is coming to life.  

My dog Grace was much better behaved this morning, thank goodness, but she did dig a deep hole and started to eat the earth.  Maybe she was feeling a bit peckish… What do you think?


Literacy: Miss Emms wants to carry on reading the amazing story of ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Phillip Pullman. Help her to find meaning of new words!   Click here for lesson.

Maths: White Rose Maths. Summer Term: Week 1 – Friday Maths Challenge... how exciting!  No video today. Just have a go at the worksheet.  Answers can be found on the website.  Click here for lesson.   

Science: Watch the YouTube video using the link below.  Describe the life cycle of a butterfly in your own words (use attached document below to help with writing). You can draw pictures to go with your beautiful writing !  Click here to watch the video. 


See if you can use the word peckish today. I will be so impressed if you do.

Have an amazing weekend my lovelies!  Keep active, play games, rest, and most importantly, let your imagination take you into the stories that you read.

Lots of love,

Ms Swan

 ❤  Weekend Activities  


Play a game. Invent a restaurant (see document below).

Keep active. Join Jaime on a Minecraft yoga adventure! Click here for link. 

Listen to a story.  Audible have a large number of audiobooks to choose from. It’s free, educational and fun. It is also a great chance for parents to have a (much deserved) tea or coffee break.  Click for audiobooks.

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Dzień dobry Class 2,

It is a brand-new day and I am feeling excited to go for a lovely walk with my dog Grace.  She was very naughty yesterday and ran away from me! When I found her, was swimming in a pond trying to chase some ducks... she's quite a slow swimmer so the ducks weren't worried.  I will let you know if she is better behaved today!

I am going to say 'Good morning' in a different language everyday.  Can you find out what language I have used to greet you today and yesterday?


Literacy: The Oak National Academy have created high quality lessons for children in primary school.  There is a lesson for every day of the week.  Today, you will be reading a story with Miss Emms! She is so kind and you will really like her.


Maths: White Rose Maths. Summer Term: Week 1 – Lesson 4.                                                                               

Please watch the video and complete the worksheet (answers can be found on the website). Remember, if you can't print the worksheet,you can write (and draw) your answers on a piece of paper.


Sing! Singing is great for the soul. BBC Bitesize have made a singing lesson for you Class 2!

Listen to a story. Biff, Chip and Kipper visit a forest where they meet a mysterious animal (see link below). 


Try to get some fresh air today and read a book that you enjoy.   I miss you all so much!

Lots of love,

Ms Swan

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Buenos días Class 2!

I hope you have slept well and recharged those curious little brains of yours.  Getting a good night sleep is very important...


Literacy: Today you will read a fantastic story called 'The Dot' by Peter R. Reynolds.  I find the main character very inspiring... I wonder if you will too!  After you have read the story, please answer some questions in full sentences (see the document below).

Get creative. After reading the story, get creative like Vashti and do the drawing activity (document below).  

Maths: White Rose Maths. Summer Term: Week 1 – Lesson 3.  Please watch the video and complete the worksheet (answers can be found on the website).

Get moving. Join Jaime on an adventure as she tells the story of The Twits through movement (link below). 


Have a lovely day and try to make someone in your family smile!

Lots of love,

Ms Swan

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning Class 2,

Start your morning with some deep breathing through your nose.  Count to five in your head when you breath in, then count to five when you breath out.  Slowly, see if you can breath in and out for 6 counts, then 7, maybe more!  It works best if you sit with your legs crossed and your backs straight.

Literacy: BBC Bitesize have made a great home learning lessons for every day of the week (find 21 April: English lesson and complete the activities).  Learn how to write questions and have an exciting adventure on the The Magic Faraway Tree!

If you find this resource useful, please feel free to use it again.

Maths: White Rose Maths. Summer Term: Week 1 – Lesson 2.  Please watch the video and complete the worksheet (answers can be found on the website).

Listen to a story. Find a comfy spot in your house and listen to an episode of the World’s Worst Children by David Walliams.

Get moving. Dance with Posh Pooch on BBC Supermovers whilst practising your 5 times  tables.

Don’t forget to tidy your room today.

Lots of love,

Ms Swan


Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning my lovelies,

I hope you have had a lovely Easter and a good rest.  I am sure you have all grown even taller over the holidays!

Over the last two weeks, I have been doing a lot of art and I have been listening to audiobooks which I find very relaxing.  What have you been doing?

On our first day back at 'home school' you are going to be learning a lot about bears. Do you already know any facts about bears?


Literacy: Scholastic home learning ‘Day 11: Animal Science – Bears’.  Please see document below for more information.  Feel free to use this resource in a way that suits you best! Use this link:


Maths: White Rose Maths. Summer Term: Week 1 – Lesson 1.  Please watch the video and complete the worksheet (answers can be found on the website).  You can write your answers down on paper by drawing or writing your answers.


Get moving. Perform ‘We’re going on bear hunt’ with the author Michael Rosen (link below). 


I hope you enjoy your bear themed day and I'll speak to you tomorrow.

Take care and stay safe,

Ms Swan


Dear Team 2,

First of all, I want to thank you parents for your ongoing support during these strange times.  Well done children for all of your fantastic work at home, you really are doing a great job!  

Over the holidays, I won't be giving daily tasks but I have prepared some activities so that you can continue with your daily structure of Maths, Literacy and a ‘non-screen task’ over the next two weeks.

Maths: White Rose offer high quality daily ‘home learning’ resources with a lesson video, worksheet and a marking scheme to check your answers. You could start from Week 1:


  • Scented garden project (see below).
  • Green Eggs and Ham: Read the book using the Youtube link below.  Complete the two reading and two writing activities based on the book.  This can be spread out over the week.
  • Learn a poem off by heart: On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan (document and recording attached below). This was my favourite poem as a child, I hope you like it. It’s nonsense!

RE: Easter Project -see attachment below.

Art: Check out the 'Art Lady' - she is a great art teacher for young artists.  Learn how to draw a flower (see video below).  This is a great activity for the children to get on with alone.

Non-screen time activities: Below I have attached a list of ideas that you can choose from (if you feel that you have already used up all of your creative ideas over the last few weeks).  

The most important thing as that you read, read, READ! I will be attaching some books for you to read on here.

I would love to see these fantastic projects! If you would like to share your work, you can on our new online sharing platform called SHOWBIE – check the latest newsletter on the school website for details or alternatively, you can send emails to

Have a good rest, play games, sing songs and read exciting stories. 

Speak to you soon,

Ms Swan

Scented Garden Project

You might have noticed new flowers blooming, blossom growing on the trees and the sound of birds tweeting in the sunlight.  That’s because we are now in Spring and new life is beginning.

Our new topic this half term is the ‘Scented Garden’.  Here are a few activities I would like you to do:

Research facts about plants.  Watch this video  Choose a plant, research facts and write an information text about it.  Draw a picture of the plant and label it!  

Start a nature diary. Look out of the window each day and keep note of what you see. Birds, flowers, changes in the weather, what else?

Get creative. Draw, paint or make a model of a plant. 

Read along to 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr Seuss

Reading and writing activities 1

Reading and writing activities 2

Listen to your teacher perform Spike Milligan's poem 'On the Ning Nang Nong'.  Then it's your turn!

RE EASTER PROJECT - complete the activities for 'younger pupils'

Fun activities to do at home

Story time: Mr Birdnest and the house next door

Would you like to play some fun online Literacy games? 

Then check these out...

Karate Cats English -

Small Town Superheroes

Pirate Treasure Hunt -

Spooky Spellings -


The ICT Games website also has lots of fantastic games to keep you entertained


My beautiful children of Class 2,

The video you sent this morning was absolutely amazing and has made my week! Each and every one of you made me smile, laugh and even cry (from happiness). 

I had tears of joy when I saw how happy and healthy you all are and what you are doing at home – some of you are gardening, doing gymnastics, drawing and dancing, but ALL of you taking control of your own learning which is wonderful. I’m bursting with joy!

Thank you to parents for putting the video together and for all of your support so far over these last few weeks. This Class is very special to me and your children are incredible! 

Also, Grace says, “Woof woof!” I think she is also trying to say, “Thank you Class 2”. 

I am so proud of each and every one of you. You are wonderful human beings and I miss you all so much! I can’t wait to see you again.

Lots of love,

Ms Swan and Grace the Dog 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

***Important notice for parents in Class 2**

If you are having trouble logging into the Oxford Owls website, please use the new Class 2 Login.

Username: sjvclass2

Password: Rainbow2020

Thank you for your support and I hope this helps.

Ms Swan

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning mini-teachers,

Start off your day with a bit of exercise. You could try doing 60 star jumps today!

Literacy: Today I would like you to reread the story ‘Finn MacCool and The Giant’s Causeway’ and retell the story in your own words (see document below for more information). I can’t wait to read your version of the story!

Maths: MyMaths task.

Art: Learn how to draw a lion step by step with the Art Lady! She is a superb teacher for very young artists (see link below).

If there is anything you didn’t get to do to this week, you could finish it off this weekend.  You can also play some fun maths games on:

This weekend, try and think of a compliment for each person in your family.  I’m sure it will brighten up their day and make them smile.

Well done for a fantastic week of learning. You truly are amazing mini-teachers!

Lots of love,

Ms Swan

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning Class 2,

I hope you have woken up in a good mood and you are ready for a new day!

Literacy: I would like you to choose a book, read it and write a book review all about it (see attachment below).  You can do this on a separate piece of paper as long as you include all of the information from the sheet. Use full sentences. You could choose a book from the Oxford Owl website.

Maths: MyMaths task.

Science: Learn how to harvest honey with Maddie Moate! (see video below)

Right now, we are working as a team with our families and in our communities to stay safe.  At some point today, get your bodies moving to this song all about teamwork:

Speak to you tomorrow,

Ms Swan

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning Class 2!

I hope you have all slept well and enjoyed the video.  It's the first day of a new month and the sun is shining down on us!

Reading: I would like you to read the story ‘There’s an octopus under my bed!” (see attachment below) and answer the questions. 

Writing: Earnie needs your help! Play the game ‘Small Town Superheroes’ and help Earnie with his punctuation.  Start with helping him with full stops and capital letters.  Then you can start helping him with commas and question marks!

Maths: MyMaths task. 

I have been doing lots of drawing and painting over the last few days.  I find it very relaxing and I have really enjoyed it. What have you enjoyed doing over the last few days?

If you would like to do some drawing, check out Rob Biddulph’s (children’s author and illustrator) Art Classes for kids.

Have fun and clean your bedroom.

Speak to you tomorrow,

Ms Swan

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning my lovelies,

Remember to do your 50 star jumps before you start your learning!  You could also get your body moving to the 'Two times table stomp' with Bridget the Lioness:

Reading: Today you are going to be reading a book called ‘Things that sting’ on Oxford Owls (see document below). Can you guess what it is going to be about?

Writing: Design a poster using facts you have learned from the book.

Maths: MyMaths task.

Please check that you have completed the other MyMaths tasks I have been setting online. Remember, if you don’t get 100% the first time, try again!

Enjoy your learning today and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

Lots of love,

Ms Swan

Reading and Writing task - Tuesday 31st March

Monday 30th April 2020

Good morning my lovely Class 2,

I hope you have had a great weekend! 

Well done mini-teachers for your first week of learning at home.  You and your adults at home are doing a fantastic job!

First of all, I have a challenge for you Class 2… I want you to start every day this week with 50 star jumps!  You could also carry on with your exercise diaries this week.  If you didn’t get a chance to start an exercise diary over the weekend, see Saturday’s post on how to do it.

Reading: Today, I would like you to read the story ‘Tidy up Winnie’ on the Oxford Owl website (see document below) and answer the questions. 

Writing: Bedtime story (see attachment below).

Maths: MyMaths task.  

Please check that you have completed the other MyMaths tasks I have been setting online. Remember, if you don’t get 100% the first time, try again!

I am missing you all very much and I am thinking of you everyday.

Speak to you tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Ms Swan

Reading - Monday 30th March

Writing - Monday 30th March

Saturday 28th March 2020

 Good morning Class 2! 

This weekend, I would like you to keep an exercise diary.  You can record which exercises you have done each day. For example:

Exercise diary

Saturday 28th March

  • Trolls yoga adventure with Jaime
  • 50 starjumps
  • 5 minutes of skipping
  • 3 mintues of jogging on the spot, bringing my knees to my chest 
  • BBC supermovers Money Dance

I have attached the link below for the Troll yoga Adventure with Jaime!

If you would like to do the money dance, please visit .  

For more fantastic videos to get you moving, follow this link for the BBC Supermovers KS1 Collection:

If you don't already, start doing PE with Joe every morning from 9-9:30.  He is fantastic! If you do one of Joe's PE lessons, you can write it in your exercise diary. See link below.

Some I can't wait to see your exercise diaries!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Swan

Join Jaime on a Troll adventure and get your body moving!

PE with Joe Friday 27th March

Friday 27th March

Hello lovely Class 2!

I hope you are all having a restful time at home.  We have been very lucky to have such beautiful sunny weather this week. I am sure you are doing a fantastic job at being mini teachers!

I have been doing a lot of exercise... you should try it too! It is important to keep your body active over the next few weeks.  It is also important to keep your brain active. You can do this by drawing, reading books, playing or making up games.  You could even put on a show for your parents with acting, singing or dancing!

I miss you all very much and I hope you are taking care of yourselves and staying safe.

Lots of love,

Ms Swan

Reading comprehension task - you can find this in your packs.

The World of David Walliams is releasing an audio story from The World’s Worst Children every day for the next 30 days! 
Keep the kids busy with these daily audio treats, perfect for tea-and-biscuit breaks ☕
Head to each day for the latest story 

Some fantastic yoga for children told through the story of Moana. This will keep them occupied for half an hour and get them moving!

Story time