Class 4

Welcome to Class 4 with

Ms. Giltinan and Ms. Ritchie 


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Reading, Writing and Maths in Year 4:


Punctuation & Grammar:


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Curriculum for Autumn 2022

Autumn 1

RE: The Bible

Reading: Storytime: The BFG; Fiction - the BFG; Non-Fiction: The Rhine & the Mediterranean; Poetry - Black History theme

Writing: Fiction: Character description of the BFG; Diary Entry (Romans); Non-Fiction: Informal Letter; Black History

Maths: Number and Place Value: Numbers to 10 000; Calculations: Addition and Subtraction

Relationships and Health:

  • Pastoral Mentor Role
  • Establish Worry Box system in class

PSHE (Inc. Online Safety):

Online Safety - What Happens When I Search Online?

Citizenship, Economic & Mental Wellbeing:

  • British Values - Intro
  • Breaking Law
  • Pupil Mentor Role
  • Feeling Safe (book: The Invisible String)
  • Speak Out Stay Safe (NSPCC)
  • Local Democracy
  • School Council Elections

History: Ancient Roman Republic - Foundation & Myths

Geography: Rhine & Medierranean

Science: Living Things & their Habitats

Computing: Computing systems and networks – The Internet

Art & Design: Drawing: develop an awareness of proportion, composition and pattern in drawing

Design& Tech: Art focus

French: Phonetics 1 & 2 Core Vocabulary

Music: Improvise a short phrase based on the pentatonic scale

PE: Swimming


Autumn 2

RE: Trust in God

Reading: Storytime: The BFG; Fiction - the BFG; Non-Fiction: Roman Empire, Christmas Traditions

Writing: Fiction: BFG (retell ending); Settings (The Robin); Non-Fiction: Caesar Biogrpahy; Plays: Julius Caesar

Maths: Calculations: Multiplication and Division; Calculations: Further Multiplication and Division

Relationships and Health:

  • Similarities and differences benefit a community; respecting our bodies through clothing, food and exercise; base level understanding of puberty; specific physical and emotional changes during puberty.

 PSHE (Inc. Online Safety):

Online Safety - How Companies Encourage Us to Buy Online

Citizenship, Economic & Mental Wellbeing:

  • National Democracy
  • Parliament
  • Anti-bullying
  • Working Together (book: The Juice Box Bully - Anti-Bullying)
  • I Belong (book: Strellaluna)

History: Ancient Roman Empire - Society & Culture

Geography: Population

Science: Animals, including Humans (Digestive system, teeth and food chains)

Computing: Creating media – Audio editing

Art & Design: Textiles: Cushions - using cross stitch and applice

Design& Tech: Textiles

French: Presenting Myself

Music: Reliably use the tempo-rhythm-pitch method to sing and read classic notation on sight

PE: Swimming

Take a look at our photos from our visit to Westminster in October!