Class 6

Welcome to Class with with Mr. Quin, Ms. Batchelor and Mrs. Kennedy


Secondary Transfer Information (September 2023)

The deadline for secondary school applications is 31st October 2022. Please ensure that you have concluded your application by then. The following documents and links are essential:


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Reading, Writing and Maths in Year 6:


Punctuation & Grammar:


Curriculum for Autumn 2022

Autumn 1

RE: Kingdom of God

Reading: Storytime: Holes; Fiction: Holes; Non-Fiction: Hidden Figures; Non-Fiction: Agriculture; Poetry: The British (Black History)

Writing: Fiction: Archie Smith; the Harp; Captain Tory; Informal Letter (Persia and Greece); Poetry: The Birtish (Black History)

Maths: Number and Place Value: Numbers to 10 Million; Calculations: Four Operations

on Whole Numbers;

Relationships and Health:

  • Pastoral Mentor Role / Establish 'Worry Box' system in class

PSHE (Inc. Online Safety):

Online Safety - Life Online

Citizenship, Economic & Mental Wellbeing:

  • British Values - Intro
  • Breaking Law
  • Pupil Mentor Role
  • Feeling Safe (book: The Invisible String)
  • Speak Out Stay Safe (NSPCC)
  • Local Democracy
  • School Council Elections

History: Persia and Greece (2022-23 only)

23-24 onwards: London & Migration Through Time (Medieval London)

Geography: Agriculture (2022-23 only)

23-24 onwards:

Compare three contrasting regions:

  • Wales and/or a UK city,
  • Mediterranean and/or Rhine,
  • Amazon basin and/or California.

Science: Animals Inc Humans (circulation, diet, heart)

Computing: Programming A - Variables in games

Art & Design: Kapow: Y6 Craft and Design: Photo Opportunity - Photography

Design& Tech: Art focus

French: Phonetics 3 Les Nombres + Core vocabulary (Classroom commands)

Music: Read and write land mark notes of absolute notation

PE: Games Unit 4 Invasion games  Gaelic Football

Autumn 2

RE: Justice

Reading: Storytime: Holes; Fiction: Holes; Non-Fiction: Non-Fiction: Ancient Greece Poetry: For the Fallen (Remembrance); Plays: Macbeth

Writing: Fiction: Letter of Persuasion (Holes); Newspaper Report (3 Little Pigs); Non-Fiction: Vocanoes Newspaper Report; The Christmas Truce

Maths: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages: Fractions; Fractions, Decimals and

Percentages: Decimals; Measurement: Measurements

Relationships and Health:

  • Differences should be celebrated as enriching to a community; healthy lifestyle choices.

PSHE (Inc. Online Safety):

Online Safety - Sharing Online

Citizenship, Economic & Mental Wellbeing:

  • National Democracy
  • Parliament
  • Anti-bullying
  • Working Together (book: The Juice Box Bully - Anti-Bullying)
  • I Belong (book: Strellaluna)

History: Ancient Greece (2022-23 only)

23-24 onwards:

London & Migration Through Time (Tudor London)

Geography: Volcanoes (2022-23 only)

23-24 onwards:

Polar Regions;  Depth focus: the polar climate (and review of earlier work on climates and biomes)

Science: Electricity

Computing: Programming B - Sensing

Art & Design: D&T Focus

Design& Tech: Structures:

 Frame Structures

French: En Classe

Music: Perform under studio conditions using sound equipment

PE: Games Unit 4 Invasion games  *Gaelic Football*