Nursery - september 2020 information materials

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Welcome to Nursery with Mrs Agu, Mrs Holden 


Ms. Edwards

with extra help from

Miss McDonnaugh




Nursery Class dressed up as their favourite book characters for World Book Day. 



Important information

Tuesday 12th January 2021

To our Dear Nursery Families,

As Mr Mc Nicholas said in last week's assembly, we are to keep hoping about the good things to come and the great things happening now. Getting to learn, play and make friends together in the same place! We can keep hoping and expecting that good things are to come. 

Something great has been using Tapestry with you. We can still see and celebrate what you are doing even while you are at home! You are doing very well. 

If this week it proves difficult to get onto Tapestry, here are some things to keep you learning and having fun. 

Please give your grown ups a big clap for all their hard work!


The Three Dancing Ladies, The Nursery Team


As always have fun! 

Hello Nursery children, Parents and Carers,

Hoping you all had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year. 

Please check Tapestry  for online home learning where there will be daily maths and mark making activities alongside a story session. Please post pictures and videos of you completing your daily tasks. We look forward to seeing them. Thank you for the lovely work on Tapestry so far.

Stay safe.

The Nursery Team

Summer Term Week 5,

As we approach half term break (Monday 25th May -Friday 29th May) I'm wondering what might be different for you nursery boys and girls. Perhaps you'll have more time with brothers and sisters as they take a break from school work, a chance to play more games as a family, see a friend or family member you've been separated from. 

Whether its the same or different we pray you would be safe and oh so happy in your daily lives and that you would continue to grow wrapped in love from those around you.

Share a smile today as we remember this week Jesus going back to his father in heaven but not leaving us completely. He said he would send a friend (the Holy Spirit) to comfort us. Glory Hallelujah!

Tapestry Notice: We continue to use this as our main point of communication so do upload pictures or videos and watch ours! Everyone who is currently inactive has this week been sent an activation email so you'll be able to stay in touch and see your teachers! We want to see you too!!!!


Take Care for now precious Nursery Champions!

Love Mrs Agu and the Nursery Team xxxoooxxx (kisses, hugs and a big finish 'dum-diddly-um-dum-DUM-DUM' like Ms Edwards always says)


Summer Term Week 4

Good Morning Lovely Nursery,

We hope that you are all well. Here are some activities to do this week:

Literacy- Listen to the story 'Animal Boogie' on YouTube. Join in with the actions and songs. Can you draw your favourite animal from the story? Which animal would you invite to the animal boogie? 

Here is a link to some stories that you can share together at home:


Maths- This website has some lovely Maths ideas for young children:

Can you do 6 star jumps, 7 bunny hops, 10 claps and 15 giant steps?


Music- Make up a song and perform it!


Enjoy the rest of your week. We miss you all,

Mrs Holden and the Nursery Team x




Summer Term Week 3

Rainbows everywhere!

Have you spotted any rainbows? I know some of our friends have been out after a very rainy day and spotted a bright and colourful bow in the sky. Have you drawn any rainbows to put in your windows as a symbol of thanks and unity while we stay at home? Do you know the song about the rainbow? Red and orange and yellow and green, blue and indigo and violet. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too!

House hunt-Can you find objects around your house to make a rainbow with?

Science- We love asking questions at nursery and science is a great way to find out some answers. This week try one of these experiments at home and tell us tell us about your results on Tapestry. We have tried the grapes, balloon, and bread experiments so far- not messy at all!


Playdough- If you are missing playdough play then here's the recipe I use (although there are many different ones including chocolate!) This time we have made ours without colour but added fresh basil and rosemary so it smells delicious no matter what we choose to make with it!


Dancing- Finally to get you moving this week follow this fair ground themed dance routine from Boogie Beebies

We love seeing what you have been busy doing so log on to Tapestry to see us and show us. If you have had any difficulty getting logged in or registered please contact the school using this address  and we will be there to help. 


We pray that you and your families are safe, happy  and well.

Do take care,

Mrs Agu and the nursery team

It's Wacky WEdene?day!!!!   (Oh dear! Can you see what's wacky or weird about my spelling there?)

As Mrs Holden said at the beginning of the week we were sooooo proud to see so many nursery children in the school news letter for being stars at home! Learning to ride the two wheeler bicycle, recovering from being sick like a true superhero, exercising with the family and excellent Easter egg hunters. Well done to you all!

This week Mrs Holden and I will begin using Tapestry as our main avenue to post videos and pictures to you all as well as talking to you about what you're doing at home. This week I have sent you some great photos (taken with great skill by Mrs Holden) of all the different areas in the nursery!

Right here on our website is where you will find ideas for keeping busy at home. Grace and I will be doing them right along with you and you can share how you get on by sending us a photo or video on Tapestry.

We loved looking at 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' resources from the Literacy Trust website Mrs Holden mentions below.

In the nursery we often read Dr Seuss books at the end of our Phonics lessons so give 'Wacky Wednesday' a try. 

This video shows you all the wacky things that happen on each page-'WACKY WEDNESDAY by DR SEUSS | COUNT ALL THE WACKY THINGS | KIDS BOOKS READ ALOUD'

or you count watch a shorter version:

or a song version (what instrument accompanies this version?)

I hope you enjoy this story and it inspires you to be a little wacky yourself today- mine has started with a deliciously wacky breakfast!


Until next time, be good, look and after your grown ups!

Mrs Agu, Grace and the nursery team


Summer term Week 2

Good Morning lovely Nursery,

Happy Monday! We hope that you and your families are keeping well and safe. Thank you for the wonderful Tapestry videos. We have  enjoyed seeing all the lovely activities that you have been doing ( and on the website too) You have been such busy bees! Keep up the good work!

This website has some great literacy ideas:

Have a good week and look after each other.

We miss you all,

The Nursery Team x


Good Morning Everybody,

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. It has been lovely looking at what you have all been doing on Tapestry. Please keep sharing! 

Here are a few more ideas for this week:

  • Sing and perform some of your favourite songs and rhymes. 
  • Draw or write down some objects that you see or hear when you go for a walk.
  • Have a Teddy Bears picnic (inside or outside)
  • Act out parts of your favourite story 

We look forward to seeing your videos and photos. 

We miss you all. Take care and we will be in touch soon.

Mrs Holden and the Nursery Team

Summer Term-Week 1


Hello nursery boys and girls! I hope you are all well, safe and at home enjoying the company of your families and pets.

Sadly the nursery is still CLOSED but the Easter Holiday is over and we will continue to keep up communication here, on Tapestry and on Showbie. 

It really is wonderful to see how busy you've been at home playing, reading and even writing.


MATHS-Here's something to try this week. A few great counting games:

READING-Try this link to see the latest Phonics lessons from the Ruth Miskin programme. Scroll further down the page to listen to some poems. This week listen to Cake-O-Saurus!


Well that's all for now


Love to you all

Mrs Agu and the nursery team