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Our Amazing Reception Class!

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Monday 1st February 2021

Good Morning Reception Class,

Here are some Numicon addition worksheets for you to complete. ( Adding to 10 ) There are four worksheets so I wouldn't expect you to complete them all! 

Have fun and keep practicing!

Mrs Holden

Friday 29th January 2021

Hello Everybody,

Here are some addition worksheets for you to complete after today's lesson. I have also included an addition bus ride game as an extra challenge! You can use counters, blocks etc to help you find the answers to the number sentences. Can you complete some or all of the challenge? 

Thank you for all your brilliant work this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Holden

Thursday 28th January 2021

Good Morning Reception Class,

Here are some adding worksheets for you! Please remember to keep practicing adding two groups together and counting the total amount. Maybe you can try some without pictures or counters?  You can create your own number sentences too! Tomorrow there will be an adding challenge!

Have a good day,

Mrs Holden

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Hello Everybody,

Here are some addition worksheets for you to complete. One worksheet is adding to 20 and one is adding to 10.

Mrs Holden

One of the biggest goals in Reception is for the children to become independent learners. We ask that you continue to practice writing and recognising their name, writing numbers, counting, using cutlery,  dressing and undressing. These skills are lifelong skills that are essential for all children.

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Thursday 21st January 2021

Hello Reception Class,

Here is a Maths activity for today. There is an explanation at the top of each mat.

Have fun!

Mrs Holden

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Good Morning Reception Class,

Can you ask an adult helper to read these challenges out to you? Think about bringing two groups together!


Mrs Holden

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Good Morning Reception Class.

Here is a counting worksheet for you to do focusing on 'more' and 'less.' Please remember to count carefully and in two separate groups. You can write the number of each group in the little circle below the pictures. 

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Holden

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Good Morning Reception Class,

Here is a worksheet to practice writing the numbers 11-20. I have also included some number cards and pictures so that you can match the numbers to the correct amount.

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Holden

.Happy summer holidays background | Free Vector

Friday  17th July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find attached a transition book, ‘All about me,’ which the children need to complete over the summer holidays. There is also a Summer Holiday booklet attached. Please help your child complete this work, so that it can be handed into their class teacher on the first day of the new term.


Top Tips for Children.

  • When you are writing your sentence, remember to Think it, Say it, Write it and Read it.
  • When you are writing your sentences, remember to start your sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop.
  • Remember your finger spaces.
  • Children, those of you that write with your other hand (left hand) when you want to use your finger spaces you need to say to yourself, ‘One rabbit…..two rabbits,’ then take your finger off and write your word.
  • Keep looking at your high frequency words and use some of these in your writing.

Keep looking at your numbers, making sure that you are writing them the correct way round. Practice writing your adding and taking away number sentences.

Children, you have all worked really hard this year. It has been a strange couple of months for you all. You have adapted so well and  we are very proud of you!  Enjoy your summer holiday break with your families and continue to enjoy your learning. I look forward to seeing you all in September, when you are in year One.

You are Superstars!!


Thank you very much parents and carers for your support over the past academic year. Thank you for all your hard work, and for all that you have done to support your children during these challenging times. Wishing you all a restful, safe and enjoyable summer.

Stay safe and take very good care of yourselves and families.

Ms Duah and Mrs Yerrill



Friday 19th June 2020


Dear parents and carers of Reception class,


On Monday 22nd June 2020 the children in Reception class will be returning to school from Monday-Thursday. I do appreciate that not every single Reception child will be returning to school for this half term and fully understand that there are very good reasons for this.


The school will be closed on Fridays.

Our aim in the few weeks of this half- term is to ensure (even with social distancing measures in place) that the children have an enjoyable time with us and learn to re-socialise and familiarise themselves with the new routines. 


The daily work activities will continue to be posted onto the Reception class school website page, for the children not in school to complete at home.


The children will be split into ‘bubble’ groups. Bubble group A ‘Jellyfish’ will be working with Ms Duah along with Mrs Yerrill from Monday- Thursday and will be in based in the Reception classroom.


Bubble group B ‘Octopus’ will be in the Nursery classroom working with Mrs Holden on Monday and Tuesday. Mrs Agu on Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs Edwards will be working alongside both teachers from Monday-Thursday.


The children’s hours in school (which must be strictly adhered to – please ensure punctuality) will be as follows:

Bubble group A ‘Jellyfish’ – Drop off time 9.00am

Pick up time 3.15pm.


Bubble group  B ‘Octopus’- Drop off time 9.15am

Pick up time 3.30pm.


Parents will be able to drop and collect their children just outside the school gates by the Nursery entrance. When collecting or dropping off your child please observe the social distancing rules. There are markings on the pavement to help you to stay 2m apart. The children will line up with their parent/ carer and wait to be called onto the school premises by the teachers. Parents will not be permitted to go past the main gate entrance into the Nursery entrance. 


We look forward to welcoming you and the children back to school. Over the weekend please continue to talk to your child about the importance of handwashing. Watch the Tapestry videos that the Early year’s team have made for the children explaining all about returning back to school.


We look forward to seeing the children’s bright and happy faces on Monday.


Thank you for your continued support.


Ms Duah, Mrs Yerrill

Mrs Holden, Mrs Agu and Mrs Edwards

(Early Years Foundation Team)



Friday 22nd May 2020


Dear Parents/ Carers,


Please find below some helpful websites and interactive games to help support learning. Some of these websites may require you to register as parents using your own e-mail addresses and creating your own passwords. I hope you enjoy using them.


Number blocks series

Alpha blocks series



This is a very useful phonics website Monster phonics:

Please note the login details below are only for the Monster Phonics website.

The free login details are as follows:
Username: login
Password: homelearning.


Thank you all for your continued support this term.

Wishing you all a lovely half-term break with your children.


Best Wishes,

Ms Duah


Friday 22nd May 2020

Hello Reception class:)

You have all worked really hard this term.

Next week is half-term week so I will not be setting you daily activity tasks to do.

For your homework I would like you all to have a really good rest and enjoy spending time with your families!

I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures hopefully after half- term. When we can all be back together again safely in our classroom. Keep sharing your adventures on Tapestry.

Continue to say your prayers. For the Holy Rosary we will be looking at the Sorrowful Mysteries during half-term week. I have attached a different prayer for each day for you to have a look at. You might like to say a prayer each day with your family.

Stay safe and take good care of your families.

Lot’s of Love,

Ms Duah :) x

Summer term Update:

Dear Parents/Carers,

I trust that you are well and had a lovely Easter with your Superhero children,

Thank you so much for your continued support. I am missing walking out in the mornings, seeing the children and hearing their excited greetings. I miss their eagerness to tell me what they have bought in to show or what they have been doing.

These are strange times and thank you for teaching the children, while I am unable to do so. I will continue to upload a set of activities each day to help you keep the children busy and also give structure to the day. You know your children better than anyone 'you are your children's first teachers'. Do what works best for you and your family. Please remember that the Early Years Curriculum children learn through play; learning is fun! Please do not worry if they are finding the activities difficult. I always say to them"try your best because you are the best" I want to reassure you that you are all doing a great teaching job.

Reading is so important, whether it is reading independently or sharing stories together. I will include some links that will help you to access online books and audio books. Please continue to share your child's home learning on their Tapestry learning Journal. It has been lovely seeing the children's home learning on their Tapestry page.

Enjoy this extra time you have with your children at home.

Wishing you all good health and happiness. You are in my thoughts daily.

Best Wishes,

Ms Duah


Reception class:

 Reception class I would like you to give your Mummies and Daddies and all the people that are helping you with your 'home learning' a big clap! Even though I am not physically teaching you, remember Ms Duah has magic powers! I have eyes everywhere! I  know that you are listening and working hard, but I am reminding you to continue to do so. I'm sure you are being super helpful to all of your helpers during this time.

To my wonderful Superhero Reception class!:)

I just want to start off by saying a big THANKYOU !!! Thank you so much for this amazing video message you all look wonderful look how much you have all grown! Watching you all saying these lovely messages has really touched my heart the singing, drawing the prayer are amazing. I cried tears of joy! Each one of you are so special and being your teacher is the best job in the whole world, I am so proud of all of you. I am so lucky to do the job that I love and having you all as my wonderful class I am truly blessed. Children you have and always will  hold a special place in my heart you are all truly angels. I am giving you all 50 class dojo points each!!

I honestly and truly have the best parents in the entire school, thank you so much parents you are all amazing!

God bless you all stay safe!

Lot's of Love,

Ms Duah :) x


Reception Class Wow!

What an amazing video you have all made thank you so much! Like Ms Duah I am truly touched by your lovely words, I was welling up! Continue to look after your Mummies and Daddies and your families, you truly are such an amazing class. I am so lucky to be in Reception class with you all. Thank you so much parents!!

Missing you all very much!

Stay safe,

Lot's of Love,

Mrs Yerrill :) x


Easter Update:


Dear Reception class Parents/Carers,

I wanted to write a special message to you. Just like your superhero children you are also amazing! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, help and support during such a difficult and testing time.

Please find some learning links to help support you and your children's home learning.

Maths Resources:

White Rose are providing some brilliantly structured and resourced home learning. They have a set of resources for each week/day, including 'video lessons', an activity and a mark scheme. They are really good quality. You could start from week 1:

Also please do take a look at the Ruth Miskin website, they have some resources for home learning:

You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Best Wishes,

Ms Duah:)


Click here to read Tabby Mc Tat

The Musical Cat

by Julia Donaldson

 Tabby McTat, the musical cat - Donaldson, Julia.pdfDownload
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Click here to read the Fantastic book Elmer by David Mc Kee 

Elmer - McKee, David.pdf

Hello Reception class,

We miss you!

We are having a really nice time living in Ms Mackay's garden at the moment. As you can see we are doing our daily exercise, my snail children are growing just like all of you. We cannot wait to see you all very soon so that you can continue to look after us in Reception class. We always love it when you give us our daily spray of fresh water and our yummy food of cucumber, Lettuce and apples. Yesterday me and my children had a great snail race and today we are going to have another one too. As you can see we are just preparing for it!

Look after yourselves and your families.

Lot's of Love, 

Brownee and Snail Children xx