Spring Stride 2021

After a year of interruption, lockdown and relative inactivity, our children joined the brilliant Haringey Public Health initiative 'The Spring Stride'. Designed to blow away the cobwebs of inactivity and to reclaim fitness levels of body and mind, our children threw themselves into it wholeheartedly. It could also be said that Mrs. Kavanagh 'threw' the children into wholeheartedly too, for her enthusiasm, dedication and borderline-obsessive competitiveness was the driving force behind this. 

It has been such a success, and such was the commitment, we finished 4th in the borough, winning £250 to spend on sport and PE equipment! Almost enough to buy the Headteacher the new Spurs shirt in the Summer! 

A serious well done to everyone who took part and, of course, to Mrs. Kavanagh. I think she has a taste for it now, and when it comes around again (and it will), she will be looking to improve on 4th. You have been warned.