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EU Referendum Blues? Not here...

24 June 2016 (by admin)

St. John Vianney Community came together in a timely manner to celebrate our diversity and our togetherness. A brilliant month of British Values learning, shared beautifully by our children.

This week’s assembly was always meant to be a culmination of the hard work each class has been undertaking in order to reflect on what it means to be a positive member of British society. Timed, as it was, for the day after the referendum, it was always going to be topical! While the news was sinking in, and clearly not the news that the majority expected or wanted, it was a good time to reflect on what it all meant. The children have been superb in this topic: open, sensible, considerate and passionate. Some were disappointed and confused, worried even, but we at St. John Vianney are a diverse bunch, with a strong sense of community, and we are a shining example of how British Values can work for the good of all!