St. John Vianney Chaplaincy Team


Pupils are encouraged to take pride in their school and to participate in its day to day running and in decisions around its future direction.

Catholic Life is central to St John Vianney – we are an important part of the Church’s mission and we strive to ensure that our pupils and families are able to enjoy school life within the values exemplified by the Gospels.

This year, we are pleased to launch the St. John Vianney Chaplaincy Team – a group of enthusiastic pupils who have committed to help the whole school community to deepen their understanding and faith in Christ.

The Chaplaincy Team Pledge:

  • To support and uphold our school Mission Statement.
  • To preserve and promote the Catholic character of our school.
  • To look beyond our school and to create relationships with the wider community.
  • To develop and support the liturgical and spiritual life of the school.
  • To organise a children’s prayer and reflection meetings and groups.
  • To maintain the Chaplaincy Team webpage and Prayer Station.
  • To promote Saints’ Days.
  • To develop and manage fundraising activities, and to select benefitting charities
  • To link with other schools’ Chaplaincy Teams
  • To encourage pupils to show their Catholic values in day to day life.