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Care for Creation

Our children will learn that it is the responsiblity of humans to safeguard and value the environment and the planet we have been gifted. We learn to be responsible stewards of the Earth, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all living things. We encourage them to have a balanced and respectful relationship between humanity and the environment.

Across the curriculum

Our responsibility to look after the gift of creation, and the environments important to our community, is spread across the curriculum and school life.

In Geography, the children in EYFS and KS1 are introduced to the concept and importance of weather and its effect on our planet. They are introduced to climates across the world and are taught about the benefits and challenges.They are taught about the effect that humans can have on settlements and the importance of looking after them.

KS2's knowledge rich curriculum further explores the effects mankind has on our planet, specifcially via in-depth units of 'Climate and Biomes' in Year 3, leading onto our impact on Oceans in Year 5. The importance of the Amazon rainforest on the health of the planet is studied in upper KS2, all leading to sophisticated critial analysis in Year 6 when the children learn about 'Energy and Climate Change'.

In Science, children learn to grow and nurture new life, and how to create the conditions for life to thrive. Trips and classroom teaching give them a rounded exposure to the importance of care for habitats and all living things (including themselves!).

We are very proud of our community and, via PSHE and Personal Development we ensure that the children are given an opportunity to contribute positively to keep our local community strong, clean and safe: art works for local park, litter picks, desiging community playgrounds and petitioning the Local Authority to address anti-social behaviour and littering.    

conservation education

Many of our school trips support our curriclum and the need to care for creation. Conservation is a strong thread in science, geography and RHE, giving our children the clear message that we share this planet with countless flora and fauna!

litter-pick around our school

The children and their parents took part in a litter-pick exercise to ensure that our school surroundings are clean and free from rubbish. We keep a close eye on how our surrounding streets are maintained: John our site manager does a daily sweep around the school, picking up and discarding rubbish and we always ensure that the Local Authority are aware when there are larger items fly-tipped in the surrounding streets.

New life in reception

Our Reception class took time to learn about how to plant and look after a variety of flowers and vegetables. 

cycle, re-cycle, go veggie

Taking care of the planet often is about making personal choices first.

We should all care for our planet

We still managed our Celebration of the Word for the start of the 'Care for Creation' half term, despite not having use of our hall due to RAAC! Our Year 6s' shared some incredible knowledge learned in their 'Climate Change' geogrpahy unit.

Planting trees for the future

Year 4 have planted saplings as a gift for pupils and staff of the SJV future! They have been learning about the importance of renewing the earth's resources.