St John Vianney Catholic Primary

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Prayer at St. John vianney

Daily prayer

Prayer holds significant importance in our school. It fosters a deep connection to the Catholic faith and nurtures the spiritual, emotional, and moral development of our children. 

Morning Prayer Prayer Before Lunch End of Day Prayer


O my God, Iove you
You're with me night and day
I want to love You always
In all I do and say
I'll try to please you Father
Bless me through this day


Bless us O God
as we sit together
Bless the food we eat today
Bless the hands that made the food
Bless us O God
O my God I come to say
Thank you for Your love today
Thank you for my family
And all the friends you give to me
Guard me in the dark of night
And I the morning send your light


driven by gospel values

Pupils at St. John Vianney are clear that the Gospels are not just stories - they contain the words, actions and examples that Jesus wants us to follow. We always encourage the children to work on the value being shared and exemplified. 

Developing prayer and spirituality

At St. John Vianney, we ensure that there are frequent and varied opportunities for prayer and reflection. During Spirituality Week, the children are responsible for organising, designing and carrying out their own opportunities for worship and developing their relationship with God. 

collective worship

The children enjoy the opportunity to design and carry out their own acts of worship each week. The responsibility sllows them to personalise their prayers and helps them understand the structure: gather, word, reflect and mission. Sometimes parents join them as well!




reflecting through art

Where do we see God's work?

The liturgical year

Key celebrations in the Church's year are celebrated, sometimes in the parish and sometimes in school with the school community.