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Option for the Poor and vulnerable

The "Option for the Poor and Vulnerable" is a key principle in Catholic Social Teaching (CST). This principle develops a preferential concern and care for the less fortunate in society. It highlights our moral obligation to prioritise the needs of the poor and vulnerable, helping address issues of poverty, inequality and social injustice. At our school, we encourage the children to work towards a just and compassionate society.

Across the curriculum

The principles underlying this strand are reflected in various aspects of the curriculum, particularly in subjects like Citizenship, and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE). In Citizenship topics such as democracy, justice (including racial equity), and human rights all contribute to children's understanding. Discussions and activities highlight the importance of addressing poverty and supporting vulnerable individuals and communities. Specific units around British Values, with its focus on rights, respponsibilities, respect and tolerance all support teaching. PSHE supports children's developing values of euqality and fairness, while RHE support children in recognising and supporting their own and others' mental health challenges.

In addition, the History curriculum has a rich multi-ethnic lens which supports the chidlren's understanding and empathy - that we are all created equal.

the felix project - feeding the community, reducing waste

The Felix Project is a charity based in London, UK, dedicated to fighting food waste and food poverty. Established in 2016, it collects surplus food from supermarkets, wholesalers, and other sources and redistributes it to charities and schools supporting vulnerable individuals and families. SJV are proud to help their mission to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger, directly benefitting our families, local care homes and homeless projects.

The Felix Project plays a vital role in addressing food insecurity while promoting sustainability and community solidarity.

macmillan cancer support

Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity that we have supported for many years. It helps those suffering from cancer with emotional and financial aid. Cancer touches every community and we are no exception; we want to help Macmillan in their aim that no one faces cancer alone.

cafod - just one world

CAFOD is a UK-based charity focused on fighting poverty and injustice globally. Established in 1960, it works with local partners to deliver aid, support sustainable development, and advocate for policy change. SJV regularly focuses on its work and raises funds, usually during Lent.

place to be - supporting mental health

Place to Be is a UK charity supporting children's mental health in schools. They offer counseling and therapy services to help children cope with various challenges and improve their emotional well-being.

supporting caris - christian action and response in society

Haringey Caris is a London-based charity aiding the homeless with practical support and advocacy. They offer meals, clothing, and help finding accommodation and support services, striving to restore dignity and provide pathways out of homelessness. SJV children support this by donating toiletries!

Supporting food banks for harvest

SJV families generously support Haringey Foodbanks, which provides emergency food aid to individuals and families in need within our borough. They collect and distribute donated food items to alleviate hunger and support those facing crisis situations.


SJV are right behind the anti-bullying alliance

By hosting an 'odd-socks' day, to mark how we are all different but unique, the children of SJV raised money for the Anti-Bullying Alliance, a charity that does amazing work in supporting those that experience bullying and...helping to stamp it out all together!

red nose day - tackling poverty and injustice

We support Red Nose Day, organised by Comic Relief, to support projects tackling poverty and injustice. Through fun activities and donations, it provides essential services and drives positive change in the UK and internationally.

The passage - supporting the homeless of westminster

he Passage is a London-based charity helping homeless and vulnerable individuals since 1980. They provide accommodation, meals, and support services to help people transition out of homelessness and towards independence.