Welcome to St John Vianney! We are a thriving single-form entry primary community, situated in Tottenham, in the North London Borough of Haringey. 

Life is undoubtedly a journey...an adventure, full of twists and turns, full of joy, wonder, often laughter, sometimes frustration. Our mission here is to give you the best possible start to that adventure, surrounded by the best possible people.

Your journey through St. John Vianney will be like that of an explorer, embarking on adventure into into the unknown. The map we give you will lead you through the awe, wonder and joy of the primary years. Years you will remember for the rest of your life. And, like any explorer on any adventure, you will need to prepare well...

We will give you the tools and the kit you need; we will equip you with the confidence it takes, give you the magic ingredients of belief and hunger -all you need to succeed, to reach your very own summit!

Come with us and we will show you the possibilities; equip you for success; support the hopes you have for yourself; keep every dream alive; calm every nerve and quell every fear.

We are your guides...we are ready, and we'll be with you every step of the way!


Our mission encapsulates all that we wish for our children:

In our school children, staff, parents and carers, governors and parish will work together to create a caring, learning environment with Our Lord as the focal point in which each child is valued as an individual, nurtured and encouraged to fulfil his/her potential.”

Our Motto

Our children’s take on our mission is equally succinct:

Everything we can be, with Christ in our hearts”.

Beautifully put, I’m sure you will agree.

We strive to live out these principles each day, and take great pride and satisfaction in doing so.

Our school is a bustling and vibrant environment for our children, parents and staff, and we are always working to strengthen our partnership and unity. Our sense of community is incredibly strong, and that is a both a blessing and a sturdy foundation for our endeavours.