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Solidarity and Peace

Solidarity and Peace are key principles of Catholic Social Teaching that promote unity, compassion, and harmony in our world. Solidarity calls us to recognise our interconnectedness and to stand in together with those who are marginalised or suffering. Through acts of compassion, cooperation, and justice, we can build peace within our communities and beyond. Embracing solidarity and working for peace fosters a world where all people can flourish and live in dignity, reflecting the values of love, compassion, and respect for all.


Across the Curriculum

The job of developing empathy, tolerance and peace is spread across the whole curriculum and is key to the 'Personal Development' of all pupils at our school.

The principles of this strand are reflected in: Religious Education (RE), Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE, RHE), and Citizenship.

In RE, we learn about different faiths and their teachings on peace and solidarity. This can help children understand the similarities and differences between religions - having this knowledge is the foundation for tolerance and solidarity. There are many Bible passages, particularly teachings from the New Testament, that teach the children about love, compassion and justice.

In PSHE, we promote solidarity and peace as we focus on empathy, understanding, and cooperation. Teaching children about solidarity in units such as 'Different, but the Same' encourages them to think about others and work together for peace.

In RHE we teach conflict resolution, giving the children solutions to focus on peaceful solutions and to promote togetherness (units such as 'Treat Others Well').

Citizenship education involves teaching about rights and responsibilities and what it means to be a positive member of modern British society (British Values, Tolerance). Children also learn about global issues such as poverty, inequality, and justice in units such as 'Fair Trade', 'Human Rights' and 'Autism Awareness'

Our History curriculum, with its sweep of human history from the cradles of civilisation to modern Britain, teaches children about how multi-culturalism came about and about the many conflicts and successes of humanity.

Click the video below to see how we introduced the theme to the children (pause to read at any time):


As part of our Solidarity & Peace themed half term, the children reflected on what togetherness means for them and how it helps them in their time here at SJV. They are an incredibly together group and they show each other. 

Mass for peace and Solidarity

Fr. Vincent celebrated a wonderful mass, where we prayed for peace in our community.

Buddy Reading

If you want to make a lasting bond with someone, there is nothing better than sharing a book together. Our Year 4, 5 and 6 Buddies, often pair up with their Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Buddies to curl up with a book. Real bonds being made!

showing solidarity and promoting peace 

Learning about other religions is important for promoting peace and solidarity as it cultivates cultural understanding and empathy, encourages interfaith dialogue and cooperation. It is important that we avoid prejudice and stereotype, so a good understanding of cultures and religions really helps our children to be peaceful, empathetic citizens in our diverse society. We learn about Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism in RE and our History Curriculum has significant space to study the rise and spread of Christianity and Islam in particular.


Promoting peace by knife crime awareness

The school community is all too aware of the dangers posed by the proliferation of knife crime amongst young people. We have, like so many others, been touched by tragedy and are determined that our children are educated and resilient to keep themselves safe and happy. We visited the Jimmy Mizen foundation and learned some vital lessons.

Tournament for Peace

Solidarity with our buddies!

What better way to show solidarity to our new Reception class than to become a Buddy! Every Year 4 is paired up with a Reception Class pupil and becomes their Buddy for their time at SJV. A Buddy is someone who takes a special interest in you and is someone you can look up to. Not only that Buddy Time means you get to play with them and Buddy Reading means you get to enjoy a lovely book with them too! Having someone who can stand by your side as you go through your school life is an amazing gesture of solidarity.