Two years ago, we embarked on a journey in the teaching and learning of maths here at SJV. We invested in the Singapore Maths scheme - Maths No Problem. is has proved a huge hit with teachers and children alike. It is a highly structured approach to teaching maths concepts, designed to leave no one behind and to deepen understanding!

Not only that, but:

  • Our maths results and outcomes have improved drastically, now amongst the best in the country
  • The Department for Education (DfE), in the Summer Term 2017, concluded a review of all available schemes, and recommended ONLY ONE as being sufficiently robust to meet the principles of the national curriculum: Maths No Problem!

The way in which concepts are explored and taught may be very different to the way in which you were taught yourself, so it is important that you have a good understanding of 'how they are being taught now.'


 Based on Singapore Maths principles, ‘Maths No Problem’ is designed and organised to ensure that children fully master key maths concepts in a visual and practical manner.

Pupils will explore concepts using concrete materials, before progressing to pictorial and, finally, abstract (the CPA approach).

Children work collaboratively, in mixed ability groups, to support each other in mastering key concepts. Higher attaining pupils can quickly move onto ‘mastering’, while others have the opportunity to really grasp the learning.

An extract from the Maths No Problem website summarises its principles and benefits:

* The first to introduce Singapore teaching methods to the UK

* We first introduced the UK to the concept of teaching maths mastery using methods from Singapore over 7 years ago. Since then we have trained thousands of teachers and helped hundreds of institutions, from small village schools to influential academy groups.

* Chosen by pioneering schools

* We partnered the Ark network to introduce the Singapore teaching principles which now underpin their pioneering Maths Mastery programme.

* First to publish a 2014 National Curriculum maths series

* The ONLY provider to meet the criteria for quality teaching and learning in Maths set by the DfE in Summer 2017

In order to help you to support your children at home, we have secured some parent support materials, which clearly explain the thinking and the teaching behind they key concepts - they are a fascinating watch! After having seen a few, you will see how carefully the teaching builds understanding and leaves nothing to chance.

We will be supplementing this parent support with workshops for KS1 and KS1 in the Autumn term.

In the meantime, let Dr Yeap give you an insight into Singapore Maths!

Maths Fundamental Idea: Place Value - used in all number work, and easily misunderstood.

Number Bonds - used to help children navigate their way around the number system and to perform rapid and confident mental calculations.

Subtraction - understanding it before using a column method

Mental Calculations...


Long Division...

Singapore Bar Method...

Singapore Bar Method (2)