Parent Voice Forum

As part of our aim to ensure effective communication between home and school at St. John Vianney we have set up a Parent Forum forum.

The aims of which are: 

  • To encourage parents to participate fully in the life and work of the school
  • To ensure effective communication is maintained between all stakeholders
  • To be a forum for parents to express ideas and views of their class.
  • To gain the support of parents and actively encourage them to participate in the process of school improvement as we share our vision for excellence.


Parent Voice IS: Parent Voice IS NOT:


  • A body of parents that represents ALL parents.
  • A group that collates ideas and suggestions for consideration by the Headteacher and the Governing body.
  • A way for parents to learn more about the school.
  • A real way for parents to contribute to the successful running of the school.


  • A way of tabling complaints about individuals.
  • A way of dealing with complaints from individual parents.
  • A decision making body – appropriate suggestions are presented to the Headteacher and Governors for consideration.


Click HERE for a full copy of the Parent Voice Handbook.

Parent Voice Representatives are: If you have an observation or suggestion on any matter of school life, please let your representative know in advance of the meeting so that it can be added to the agenda and discussed.

  • Nursery: Ms. Batchelor (email: tba)
  • Reception: Ms. McGaw (email: tba)
  • Class 1: Ms. Domenech (email: tba)
  • Class 2: Ms. Mikeli (email: tba)
  • Class 3: Ms. Quilliec (email: tba)
  • Class 4: Ms. Smalle (email: tba)
  • Class 5: Ms. Dunne (email: tba)
  • Class 6: Vacant (email: tba)

In advance of meetings, you may approach your representative in person, or you may wish to email them on the address supplied. Please remember to abide by the principles above and in the handbook when you are contributing. 

Changes introduced as a result of Parent Voice:

  • To improve communication, important dates will be included in the body of the email as well as the newsletter 
  • Parents will be advised of a specific email address for their class, so that they can communicate ideas and suggestions for discussion more efficiently.
  • Invitations to record views in Ofsted's Parent View survey will be issued as homework for the children, in order to maximise participation. 
  • 'Worry Boxes' will be introduced in classrooms to further encourage children to share concerns they may have
  • Each Parent Consultation meeting will have, as its core, clear details about your child's performance (whether or not they are working 'Towards Age Related Expectation', 'At Age Related Expectation' or 'Above Age Related Expectation', along with a Progress rating of 'Slow', 'Expected', or 'Better Than Expected' for the year to date.